North Carolina City Dart League – 2021 Rules

League Director and Captains

The league will be operated by its Director and captains.  The NCDO’s only role will be to collect dues, distribute necessary funds to Director at season end and rule a team ineligible for play based on non-payment of dues.  A Director’s term will be one season from beginning to end.  A director will be voted in by NCCDL captains.  Responsibilities of the Director will include scheduling for upcoming season, receiving scoresheets and maintaining league statistics, producing a newsletter with standings and a players list prior to each match date (individual statistics required a minimum of 4 times during the year, no later than mid-season), producing a financial report at season end, updating rules and regulations as voted by captains (3/4 vote changes a rule) for next season, and ruling on any problems/protests.  A formal appeal can be made to the Director to dispute a ruling, with a majority vote of the captains of all teams not involved in the dispute required to overturn the decision.  (note: this is a majority of “all teams not involved”, not just a majority of the “teams not involved that respond to the appeal.”)  Director’s responsibilities must be met to qualify for payment by the NCDO.


Dates will be chosen so as not to interfere with local, state and nearby national tournaments based on the ADO calendar.  In the case of a captain wanting to change a match date, contact the opposing captain as soon as possible with a request for the reschedule and several possible dates.  No team may be forced to reschedule, but if both teams agree to it, they must make up their match before the last scheduled match of the season.  If the reschedule is for the last match, it must be played within 15 days of the original date.  Once agreed, notify the Director prior to the regularly scheduled date or the new date, whichever is earlier. .  If the Director is not notified BY BOTH TEAMS about a match reschedule within the standard 7 day mailing/faxing window after the original match date (or within 7 days of the date of play if it was earlier than the originally scheduled date), either/both team(s) that failed to provide timely notification will receive a late score sheet penalty (which will carry a point value equal to the average winning score from all of the previous season's matches, with the penalty subtracted from the offending team’s season points total) with the match win/loss result unaffected.  If no date agreement can be reached between captains, the Director will make the decision on the rescheduled date.

Based on the number of teams in a given season, teams may be divided into geographic divisions; teams will play either a single- or double-round-robin schedule, chosen to provide a sufficient number of matches without increasing the number to more than one match per month.

Seasons & Standings

A season for NCCDL will run from January through December.  Standings will be determined by match win/loss percentage.  Ties in match record will be decided by the following tiebreakers: 1. total season points; 2. head-to-head match record; 3. head-to-head season points; 4. match win/loss percentage against common opponents; 5. season points against common opponents; 6. regular season finish from the prior season (matches, then points, etc.).

End of Season Tournament for NCCDL State Championship

The winner of the season-ending tournament will be crowned NC State Champion for that year, will be allowed to keep the North Carolina Cup until the tournament the following year, and will host the tournament the following year.  Seeding for the tournament will be based on the final regular season standings for that season.  The final eight teams in the tournament will play a single-elimination tournament on one weekend with the following match starting times: quarterfinals – 12:00 noon Saturday, semifinals – 5:00 p.m. Saturday, finals – 1:00 p.m. Sunday.  In multi-divisional seasons, tournament seedings will be placed such that if all better seeds advance in their matches, all tournament matches will be inter-divisional.

Player Eligibility

Any person who has not already played for another NCCDL team in the current season is eligible to play for any given team.  Any player can change teams between seasons.  Players may not change teams once they have thrown a dart in a given season.  If an ineligible player is used the offending team will lose all of the ineligible games played to the opponent, and there will be an additional penalty equal to the number of points in which the ineligible player participated.  This additional penalty is directly applied to the match score and may affect the match win/loss.  To be eligible for play in the post-season tournament, a player must be listed and present for at least one set in at least half of his/her team’s matches.  A team receiving a forfeit win receives a one-match-played reduction in minimum for tournament eligibility.  A team can carry as many players as they want, and substitute from section to section in any fashion they choose.

Match Play

Regular season matches are played at 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays.  Teams will blind list and play the games in the order called, on at least four boards, with remaining matches to be played on the first available boards.  If a match is forced to be played on less than the regulation number of boards, and the captains can't come to an agreement on what to do, the host team will forfeit the match with points awarded as per league rules.  All sets will be contested in a best two-of-three format (with the exception of 1001 tiebreaker games).  If a team does not have 6 players by 2:30 p.m., the match is a forfeit.  Match format will have 5 sections:  8 sets of singles 301 (1 point each), 8 sets of singles cricket (1 pt.), 4 sets of doubles 501 (2 pts.), 4 sets of doubles cricket (2 pts.), and 2 sets of 4-player 701 (3 pts.), for a total of 38 points in a match.  If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, one game of 8-player 1001 will be played for the match victory – winner of the tiebreaker should circle their score to indicate victory, as the 1001 game does not carry a match point value.  A player must be physically present to participate in a match.  Should a team have less than 8 players but not less than 6, the match can still be played – the shorthanded team simply doesn’t fill out every slot in each section.  In singles, blank slots are automatic forfeits of those points.  In doubles, if a team has 7 players, one of its players will be listed alone, throwing one turn for every two by the opponents.  If a team has 6 players, it is the team’s choice of listing 3 full doubles pairs or 2 full doubles pairs and 2 one-man teams.  A win in doubles, no matter how many players played, is worth two points.  The same combinations and logic apply to the four-player sets.  Should a team be unable to field the required 6 players, the forfeiting team receives 0 points and no match played toward eligibility, while the winning team receives the match forfeit value of points (the higher of: a) the winning team's average score from the previous year, or b) the league wide average winning score from the previous year) and a one-match-played reduction in minimum for tournament eligibility.  The winning team is responsible for mailing a copy of the scoresheet to the League Director.  Scoresheets submitted with an email time or postmark more than one week after the date of the match will cause the winning team to incur a late scoresheet penalty, which will carry a point value equal to the average winning score from all of the previous season's matches, with the penalty subtracted from the offending team’s season points total (with the match win/loss result unaffected).  Also, if the losing team doesn’t have a copy of the scoresheet, in the case that the winning team loses theirs, the losing team will lose its points from that match.  A team that forfeits a quarter of its matches in a given season will be removed from the schedule, and all of its remaining matches will be scored as forfeit losses. 


Tournament winners will take home the NC State Cup for the 12 months until the next tournament.  In addition, the individual players of the winning team will also receive trophies/plaques (limit of 12 trophies for players).  Trophies/plaques will also be awarded for the High In (301 only) and High Out (league-wide), and High Singles Win Percentage (for each division).  To be eligible for singles win %-age awards, a player must play at least 60% of the team’s possible singles sets (match forfeits by opposing teams are not included in the team’s number possible), and must also play at least two “road/away” matches, to ensure that the award is not given to someone who is only dedicated enough to play home matches.  Certificates will be awarded for all throws of Ton-70 and above, 9-Marks, and 6-Bulls.

Team Fees and Team Eligibility

Each season, in addition to the sponsoring league’s fees to the NCDO, each team will be required to pay a fee (to be set at the captains’ meetings the previous season) sufficient to support administrative costs (copying, postage, awards, etc.).  Fees are to be paid to the NCDO Secretary prior to the scheduling of matches for any given year (effectively January 1). 

A team will be eligible for play when its dues have been paid to the NCDO.  The NCDO can deem any team ineligible for season play based on non-payment of dues.  When that team does pay dues, they will be re-instated for season play in the next season.  If dues are paid late during a season, that team must wait until the next season.  Also, new teams to the NCCDL must be in the NCDO for a full year before being eligible, after which the current NCCDL captains will vote on the addition of that new team to the league.

A team that forfeits a quarter of its matches in a given season will be removed from the schedule and must petition the captains at the next captains’ meeting for reinstatement for any subsequent years of play in the NCDL.