PDA Men's Team Ranking
Date: February 24, 2010
Ladder Manager: Scott Smith
Rank Name Window Challenger Challenged
1  Charles McClearen      
2  Jim Laudenslager      
3  Anthony Smith      
4  Ted Provencher      
5  Paul Olson      
6  Adam Pitts      
7  Eric Montgomery      
8 Scott Smith      
9  Darrin Montgomery      
10 Charlie Woodmansee      
11  Carl Coley      
12  Wes Lippert      
"Window" is the date you have to play your challenge by or declare a result dependent upon who couldn't make it. "Challenged" is the date when a player can be challenged.
Active Qualified Players
Pool Name Window Challenger Challenged
   Bill McGuire      
   Bing Duke      
   Derek Crews  
   Gary Jenkins      
   Greg Sipper      
   J.T. Morrison      
   Jamie Livengood      
   Jeff Jordan      
   Jim Morris      
   Joe Futima      
   Nick Warren      
   Ray Heneks      
   Rod Gaither      
   Shane Wright      
   Steve Ralls      
   Tom Gunter      
   Victor Walker      
   Marc Bopp      
Inactive Qualified Players
Pool Name
   Andrew Leslie
   Chad Mashni
   Don Kuhmann
   Doug Smith
   Jacob Stutts
   Ken Swing
   Larry Bothner
   Mike Watson
   Randy Booker
   Ryan Barnette
   Steve Grogan
   Tony Money