North Carolina City Dart League

2020 West Division NCCDL Schedule
Asheville Boone Pineville Charlotte Lake Norman Piedmont  
Feb. 22 (Bye) @ Charlotte (Bye) Boone (Bye) Capital Area  
Mar. 21 @ Wilmington (Bye) @ Piedmont Lake Norman @ Charlotte Pineville  
Apr. 25 @ Pineville Port City Asheville (Bye) @ Capital Area (Bye)  
30-May Charlotte @ Pineville Boone @ Asheville (Bye) @ Raleigh  
27-Jun @ Boone Asheville (Bye) Port City Piedmont @ Lake Norman  
Aug. 1 (Bye) (Bye) Jacksonville @ Piedmont Chapel Hill Charlotte  
Aug. 22 Durham @ Chapel Hill Lake Norman @ Jacksonville @ Pineville (Bye)  
Sep. 19 @ Lake Norman @ Piedmont @ Wilmington (Bye) Asheville Boone  
Oct. 24 Piedmont Lake Norman @ Charlotte Pineville @ Boone @ Asheville  
Dec. 5&6 Postseason tournament hosted by Durham. Quarterfinals - Sat, 12:00. Semifinals - Sat., 5:00. Finals - Sun., 1:00
2020 East Division NCCDL Schedule
  Chapel Hill Durham Raleigh Capital Area Jacksonville Wilmington Port City
Feb. 22 @ Durham Chapel Hill Jacksonville @ Piedmont @ Raleigh Port City @ Wilmington
Mar. 21 Capital Area @ Jacksonville (Bye) @ Chapel Hill Durham Asheville (Bye)
Apr. 25 Wilmington Raleigh @ Durham Lake Norman (Bye) @ Chapel Hill @ Boone
30-May @ Port City (Bye) Piedmont (Bye) Wilmington @ Jacksonville Chapel Hill
27-Jun Raleigh @ Wilmington @ Chapel Hill Jacksonville @ Capital Area Durham @ Charlotte
Aug. 1 @ Lake Norman Capital Area @ Port City @ Durham @ Pineville (Bye) Raleigh
Aug. 22 Boone @ Asheville Wilmington @ Port City Charlotte @ Raleigh Capital Area
Sep. 19 @ Jacksonville Port City @ Capital Area Raleigh Chapel Hill Pineville @ Durham
Oct. 24 (Bye) @ Raleigh Durham Wilmington @ Port City @ Capital Area Jacksonville
Dec. 5&6 Postseason tournament hosted by Durham. Quarterfinals - Sat, 12:00. Semifinals - Sat., 5:00. Finals - Sun., 1:00
If anyone finds anything they think is a mistake on the NCCDL schedule, please call Jason Kilts at 919-423-5766 immediately. Thanks.
Of the 15 current NCDO members, 9 have Men's and Ladies' Teams, 4 have Men's Teams and 2 have Ladies' Teams.
Additional Important Notes:
Matches start at 2:00 p.m. and must be played on at least 4 boards (more boards can be used if available).
See NCCDL Rules regarding rescheduled matches.
The men's team, as defined by the NCCDL, is actually an "open" team. The term "men's team" is used simply for ease of clarification on this
schedule and in the periodic league newsletters.
A player must play in at least half of his/her team's matches to qualify for tournament play. That minimum is 4 matches for all NCCDL teams this year.
As per league rules, forfeits this season will carry a score equal to the higher of: a) the winning team's average score from the previous year,
or b) the league wide average winning score from the previous year. Therefore, NCCDL forfeit scoring will vary by team with a minimum of 28-0.
Winning captain must send a copy of the match scoresheet within seven days (or else lose the team's points) to: Jason Kilts, 5005 Raintree Rd, Durham,
NC 27705 (c) 919-423-5766 (Use this same address for notification of all phone # changes, address changes, captain changes, etc.) You may
also e-mail scans of your scoresheet to Jason at: Include a note in your e-mail if you want a receipt confirmation message; please send only scans,
NOT re-entered data on a spreadsheet - the fewer sources of data entry error, the better. The same seven-day deadline applies to the e-mailed scan option.